Finally getting started!

Almost since a decade I have already been wondering to start a blog. However, for some reason I have not been able to establish one so far. People have asked me from time to time that they would like to follow my blog, particularly when I have moved to a new place. Yet, at the beginning I did not know whether I should write in German or English. And while I preferred to write in English to reach more people, I was always afraid that my English is just not good enough. In addition, it’s always much easier to express my thoughts during discussions face-to-face, because usually one does not need to be as coherent and concise. In contrast, I feel it’s more difficult to actually sit down and write the thoughts in a “crispy” way. Now, I will finally give that a try.

My intention with this blog is to cover the news from Europe (particularly on European integration) as well as from East Africa (particularly on peace & security as well as East African integration). At the same time I don’t want to limit myself on these topics and I take the freedom to post also on many other issues that come across my radar. From time to time, I also plan to write about my personal experiences in daily life.

One of the main challenges that I will face here is to be active on this blog. It’s all too easy that a blog is dormant and hardly get’s an update. However, I’ll try hard to keep you posted. I’d appreciate if you follow me and even more I’d like to know your thoughts and ideas so that we will have lively discussions.

All the best from the Tanzanian coast!

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