About the author

JOHANNES8938I am a 32-year-old global citizen. My name is Johannes Langer and grew up in Salzburg, Austria. However, I have also lived in Lithuania, Sweden, Belgium, the U.S., Kenya, and Tanzania. Since October 2013, I am based in Bogotá, Colombia. I have received Magister degrees in history as well as political science from Vienna University, Austria, while I also studied with Erasmus for one year at Uppsala University, Sweden. In addition, I have an M.A. degree from American University in Washington D.C. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution thanks to a Fulbright scholarship.

I am passionate about politics, history, peace, conflict transformation and European integration. My regional focus is the European Union, East Africa and Colombia. I am very much pro-European to overcome nationalism and strengthen internal peace in Europe, thus I have been more than a decade a member of the Young European Federalists (JEF). Ultimately, I am also in favor of other regional integration projects around the globe, particularly in Africa and Latin America.

My current focus is on transitional justice and its mechanisms. Particularly truth commissions are in the focus of my research attention. In July 2014, I have started teaching undergrad classes about conflict resolution and European politics in three universities in Bogotá, Colombia. Currently, I am full-time stuff as a Profesor Asociado at Universidad de San Buenaventura – Bogotá and lead a research project called “Get the truth out of truth commissions” carried out together with Universidad Javeriana. We are looking into the impact of six truth commissions around the world that should provide for learning lessons in Colombia.

Moreover, I am co-coordinating with Eliana Jimeno the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum in Caux, Switzerland from 23-26 July 2017 where we tackle different forms of violent extremism.


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