Other publications

Here is an overview to all articles that I have written since 2007, in addition to one book and two volumes that I co-edited.


‘Recognizing Victims as Political Actors: Expanding a More Complex Identity’ in Desafíos, Vol. 31, No. 1 (2019): 365-371
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‘Verdad global: retos y recomendaciones para la inclusión de refugiados y exiliados en la Comisión de Esclarecimiento de la Verdad, Convivencia y No Repetición de Colombia’ with Andrei Gómez-Suárez in Cuaderno 3 de Rodeemos el Diálogo, August 2018.
View here (in Spanish)

Get the truth out of truth commissions: Lessons learned from five case studies. Edited by Johannes Langer (Bogotá: Editorial Bonaventuriana, 2018).
Download a free version here.


‘Colombia’s progress and challenges in the disarmament and reintegration of the FARC’ in Researching Security, 31.10.2017
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‘Are truth commissions just hot-air balloons? A reality check on the impact of truth commission recommendations’ in Desafíos, Vol. 29, No. 1 (2017): 177-210
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‘EU summit in Malta: Tackling the migration crisis and preparing for threats’ in The Diplomatist, Vol. 5, No. 3 (2017): 44-46
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‘Los poderes detrás de la discusión de la justicia transicional en el Congreso’ with Eliana Jimeno in Razón Pública, 06.02.2017
View here (in Spanish)


‘Mediation Perspectives: Peace in Colombia – Turning the Rejection into an Opportunity’ with Eliana Jimeno in CSS Blog, 18.11.2016
View here

‘Getting the Deal Done: Colombia’s Final Steps for a Peace Accord with the FARC Rebels’ in Global View, 03/2016 (pp. 16-17)
View here

‘¿Puede el acuerdo de paz pasar la prueba de la Corte Penal Internacional?’ with Eliana Jimeno in Razón Pública, 12.09.2016
View here (in Spanish)

‘Justicia transicional y paz territorial: las lecciones de Timor Oriental’ with Saskia Nauenberg in Razón Pública, 01.08.2016
View here (in Spanish)

‘El sultán está creando una democracia iliberal’ in Portafolio, 13.07.2016
View here (in Spanish)

‘Críticas internacionales al modelo de la justicia transicional’ in Razón Pública, 29.02.2016
View here (in Spanish)

‘Justicia transicional: lecciones de Sierra Leona’ with Saskia Nauenberg in Razón Pública, 08.02.2016
View here (in Spanish)


‘Including and excluding civil society in the truth commission of Timor Leste’ in Perspectivas Internacionales, Vol. 11, No. 1 (2015): 89-114.
View here

‘Peace vs. justice: The perceived and real contradictions of conflict resolution and human rights’ in Criterios, Vol. 8, No. 1 (2015): 165-189.
View here

‘Comisiones de la verdad como instituciones de aprendizaje: el caso de Kenia’ with Johanna Amaya in Economía & Región, Vol. 9, No. 1 (2015): 35-66.
View here

‘Orbán’s project of an illiberal Europe: Re-introducing the death penalty in Hungary?’ in The New Federalist, 18.05.2015
View here


‘Juncker: Strong Leadership for the Commision’ in The New Federalist, 03.07.2014
View here

‘#ep2014: Enhanced Democratic Legitimacy and Informed Debate’ in The New Federalist, 08.05.2014
View here

‘Europe Decides: Tight Race Ahead between Social Democrats and Conservatives’ in The New Federalist, 29.03.2014
View here

‘A New Mission to Act Against Chaos’ in The New Federalist, 05.02.2014
View here


‘Bringing Europe’s East Closer to the Center’ in The New Federalist, 15.12.2013
View here

‘Austria’s Consistent Anti-EU Right-Wing Population’ in The New Federalist, 26.11.2013
View here and view the French version

‘Volunteering with Benefits for Everyone’ in Global View 02/2013, p. 22-23.
View here

‘The Importance of Planning: Facing the Demographic Challenge’ in Compare Afrique, 15.03.2013
View here


‘The Responsibility to Protect and the Case of Darfur: An Inadequate Concept?’ in Responsibility to Protect: Peacekeeping, Diplomacy, Media, and Literature Responding to Humanitarian Challenges (Innsbruck: Innsbruck University Press, 2012: 335-354)
View here

‘Beyond 2015: The Future of the MDGs’ in Global View 03/2012, p. 6-7.
View here

‘Serbia Continues Its Route Towards European Integration’ in The New Federalist, 20.07.2012
View here and view the German version


‘The Path Towards the United States of East Africa’ in The New Federalist, 09.09.2011
View here

‘The Responsibility to Protect: Kenya’s Post-Electoral Crisis’ in Journal of International Service, Vol. 20, No. 2 (2011): 1-18.
View here


‘The Role of the Eastern Partnership in EU’s Energy Security Policy’. in: The Eastern Partnership: New Perspectives for a New Europe (edited by Orkhan Ali, Lyubov Artemenko, and Johannes Langer (Krakow: Jagiellonian University, 2010: 121-135)
View here

The Eastern Partnership: New Perspectives for a New Europe. Edited by Orkhan Ali, Lyubov Artemenko, and Johannes Langer (Krakow: Jagiellonian Uni., 2010)
View here

Current Discourses on the Holocaust in Lithuania: The Impact of Collective Memory. VDM, 2010
View here

‘Visa Liberalisation for the East is Needed’ in YEaP Newsletter 06/2010, 10/01/2010

‘The Need to Recognize Kosovo’ in The New Federalist, 10.09.2010
View here and view the French translation

‘“It takes two to tango”: Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle comments on Macedonia’s accession talks and name dispute with Greece’ in The New Federalist, 28.03.2010
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‘Russia’s Struggle for Influence with the European Union’ in Contribute 02/2009, p. 12-13
View here (21MB)

‘1989: Mehr Freiheit für Österreich’ in Global View, Nr. 2/2009, p. 22-23
View here (in German)


‘Zimbabwe: The Agreement Will Not Help’ in The New Federalist, 30.09.2008
View here

‘Scotland: Europe’s 48th State?’ in Global View, Nr. 3/2008, p. 21
View here


‘What Happened to Haider?’ in Polmagasinet 03/2007, S. 16-17

‘Unter General-Verdacht’ mit Martin Staudinger in profil Nr. 29/2007, S. 103-107

‘Familienbetrieb’ in profil Nr. 28/2007, S. 108

“Beginn einer neuen Ära” in Global View 02/2007, S. 40-41
View here (in German)

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