My favourite 10 political podcasts in 2016

Some three years ago, I discovered podcasts. Sure, I knew already beforehand that podcasts exist. Yet, as so much in life, one does not necessarily pick up what is offered. This is what happened with me as I ignored podcasts for way too long. In the last years the production of podcasts has been thriving and ever more news outlets bring out their own podcasts. Continue reading “My favourite 10 political podcasts in 2016”


Kenya’s request to re-introduce impunity

The recent statement of Kenyan United Nations (UN) Envoy Macharia Kamau in New York is odd. Mr. Kamau did not simply ask for a deferral of the cases against Kenya’s new president Uhuru Kenyatta and his vice president William Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC). One of Kenya’s most important diplomats requested in very strong words an outright determination of the ICC case because they were a threat to Kenya’s national security and undermined the country’s sovereignty. However, it did not come as a surprise that the UN Security Council could not discuss the matter because it has no authority over the request. Therefore, a senior diplomat called the Kenyan move “slightly bizarre.”

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Tanzania celebrated a unity that is under threat

On Friday, Tanzania celebrated its 49th birthday. I spent the day in Tanga, the third biggest city in Tanzania, a humid city at the coast of the Indian ocean. Tanga was known as one of the industrial centers of the country, but experienced a break-down from which it never recovered. I was not able to discover any enthusiasm, any special event nor any parade dedicated to the anniversary. Yes, some people were gathering around TVs to watch the big parade in Dar es Salaam, headed by President Jakaya Kikwete. However, such gatherings would also take place when a popular show would run on TV and for sure many more people would be around when an English Premier league match would have been shown.

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